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Experience nature mindfully

More intensely – more strongly – more naturally. nawu Kinderhotel will allow you to immerse yourself more deeply in nature. We will help you to get up close to the wonders of nature because we as your hosts and trained members of staff have an intimate knowledge of this world of wonders. Here, you will be able to enjoy a more vivid and intense holiday experience.

nawu strolling – invented by us. Slow food is quite trendy these days, representing a more conscious and relaxed style of eating. We have extended that to hiking. Not just hiking straight up the mountain, but taking a stroll through our natural landscape, rediscovering the small and large natural wonders – we love to amaze all our guests, both big and small.

Generating our own electricity, using the sun’s rays to heat our water, using our own wood for our heating – we do all of that and it is an unbelievable feeling.

Sustainability, easy-going living and cool outdoor activities are not necessarily contradictory ideas – we manage to reconcile them successfully. Ever wanted to abseil down a waterfall? Or dive into a clear mountain lake? Do you fancy chilling out next to a mountain stream in the deep wilderness reminiscent of Canada, doing some barbecuing, a spot of canoeing or river rafting with the family? Drawing new strength and energy and feeling that joie de vivre? Then you have found the right place!

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